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With the airlines charging per bag and limiting the size and number of carry on baggage, it financially makes sense to consolidate as much as possible with our Saxophone combo cases, Trumpet combo case and Guitar double case.

Battle Cases are built with PelicanTM  shells. The #1 injection molded cases in the world.

Injection molded means unbreakable, crush proof, air tight, water tight. Built to military specs.

Because the Battle Case is air tight, your instruments are pressurized in the cargo hold when flying,

These cases are lighter and stronger than any other road style case.

Our interior is C.A.D designed, then cut with a state of the art precision water jet.

We use Polyurethane, open cell, 1.6 pound foam with Velveteen on top and in the instrument cavity.

The cases come with the Pelican Unconditional Life Time Warranty and are made in the USA!!

If the military trust their most valuable equipment with Pelican, you should too!

Battle Cases use Pelican shells but have NO affiliation with Pelican.

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