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Testimonials from some of the artists using Battle Cases





 John Isley

 Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes|New York Horns


I travel with my horns. A lot. Transporting my instruments is a constant source of worry, and having them arrive at the gig intact and ready to play is always a nagging concern. Thanks to BattleCases, now it's one less thing I worry about. The bari case is just fantastic. Great design. Great protection. Great cases. Period.





Andrew Bickers

Cold Chisel

Midnight Oil


“The case was absolutely perfect for the job, I'd open it in the band room each night and the horns were in perfect order. We trucked it, flew it, and loaded it countless times over the last three months and it never let me down. Best money I ever spent on the well-being of my instruments and subsequently, the case set me up to play confidently every night knowing that the horns were in great condition. I'll be singing the praises of Battle Cases down under.”




Jack Prybylski

Innervision Records recording artist



“First, a little background as to why I felt the need to purchase a Battlecase saxophone case.  I was traveling to Reno, Nevada to do a performance and with the rising costs of airline baggage fees, didn't want to take multiple cases (I was playing soprano, alto and tenor on the gig) or pay the fee for my rather large custom Anvil case.  Another problem that I have had with the Anvil case was with TSA agents not putting the horns back in the case properly, causing the horns to be damaged.  To that end I purchased a Battlecase S200 and have not been disappointed. All my horns fit snugly in their respected cut-outs with no play what-so-ever. The extra storage compartments allow me to carry my sax stand and accessories with room to spare. The S200 is much smaller and lighter than my Anvil case, making transporting it through an airport or in and out of a vehicle a breeze.  The quality of materials and workmanship make this a very durable case, one that I truly believe will hold up to the vigorous life "on-the-road" for many years to come.  My sincere thanks to Jim Wheeler for designing such a durable and versatile saxophone case”



Tommy Alvarado – Saxophonist for Human Nature ( Australia )

Prior to my tour in Australia this year I searched feverishly for a road case to house my bari sax. I perused craigslist and every other online marketplace ads for a case. At first I looked for a Walt Johnson but to no avail. Then I went to custom case makers and they were way over my budget. Then I came upon the Battle Case website. I spoke to Jim and he was very happy to explain the benefits of the case and why he designed it the way he did. I ordered it and it arrived within a week. At first I was amazed at how light but durable it was. I was able to give it a test run when I flew to the East Coast. I was able to check it in as baggage. It consistently was under 50 lbs. I did however had to pay oversize fees that can’t be avoided unless you get a nice person at the check in desk at the airport.
Long story short, the case performed flawlessly as did my horn. Two international flights. 15 flights within Australia and three trips in the equipment truck.
I have been back three weeks now and I still don’t see the need to take my horn for adjustment. I wholeheartedly without hesitation highly recommend and enter my personal endorsement.

David Freeman

saxophonist with the Yacht Rock Revue

David Freeman Music


"I LOVE this case!  We travel all over the country, and every time I open my Battle Case BCS200, my alto, tenor, flute, and EWI are in perfect working order.  This case is well made, lightweight, and practically indestructible.  Perfect for a life on the road!"




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