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Guitar Cases

The Battle Case Guitar Cases use Pelican shells. The foam is C.A.D designed and water jet cut for precision.The cases are designed to fit Fender Telecaster and Fender Stratocaster style Guitars.
The double case is designed with a removable top trey. It's design holds two Teles, two Strats or one of each style guitar. Fully loaded, the double is under 50lbs.
Because the Pelican cases are airtight, when you check your instruments at baggage claim, your instruments will be pressurized in the hold. Which means your Guitars will not feel the stress of the altitude changes.
All cases come with wheels and handles.
Shipping costs are US only. Not including Hawaii or Alaska.

BCG 100 Tele/Strat

Guitar case


$550.00 includes shipping

BCG 200

Les Paul

Guitar case

$550.00 includes shipping

BCG 300

Double Guitar Case

Out Of Stock

$750.00 includes shipping

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